Steam Complete: The Tutorial

Steam Complete: The Tutorial

I will come right out and say it: Steam is an infinite black hole from which there is no escape. Finishing one game–even one level–deludes you into thinking there is a way out, an end to the madness, but then six more games fly at you from all of the different sales. Suddenly the void becomes dark again.

I grew with video games as one of my many escapes. If it had nothing to do with reality, it was for me. But with Sony and NIntendo fulfilling my needs, I never ventured into PC gaming except for some point-and-click adventure games and Solitare. It wasn’t long after I left for college with a MacBook Pro in hand that I discovered the endless bounty in the Steam store.

Having grown up with games being a major purchase usually only made on birthdays or with report card money, I was astounded by the concept of full-fledged games for bit-sized prices. Between Humble Bundle and the summer sale, my collection grew even though I could only play a tenth of what I was buying.

After graduation, I invested in my first custom PC. But what was initially excitement to start playing all of these games I had collected turned into a classic case of frozen by indecision. So since I hate feeling like a digital hoarder, I’m staging my own intervention. Well, if you can call forcing yourself to seriously amp up the amount of time you spend playing video games a path to rehabilitation. Whether it helps me curb my Gotta-Catch-‘Em-All mentality or knocks me further down the rabbit hole, I will be chronicling it here. It is sure to be amusing since my shopping habits have landed me with more than a few things that are going to be a personal drudge (sports are meant for real play, not clicking!).

The rules?

1. I plan to complete at least every level or every story. I will only be playing for perfection right now if I feel inclined to.

2. The few sand box games I have will most likely be played for the achievements. I still have to figure out how to deem the beast of Civ 5 complete.

3. Any commentary is not meant to a formal review, just my impressions or experiences. Think narration and conversation over straight-forward reporting.

Now to give you an idea of the relative Mount Everest I am staring up at, here is a tabulation of how many games I have to play:

Below is an inventory I took of what I have queued up for this challenge:

Puzzle/Platformer: 27
Horror: 2
Simulator: 2
Story/Exploration: 3
Adventure: 23
Arcade/Shoot ‘Em Ups: 5
RPGs: 9
Strategy: 9
Action: 30
Total: 110

Out of all of these, I have started at least 38 of them in some capacity, even if that means I played them for five minutes. Stay with me while I tell the tale of a PC gamer’s most intimidating task.

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