Girls Against the Machine: Part One

Girls Against the Machine: Part One

This So Cute Bundle is officially the bane of my existence.

I started another one of these fluffy games called Girls Like Robots. The main goal is to fill the happiness meter by making sure everyone likes who they are sitting next to. The girls like robots. Nerds like the girls. The loner likes…bugs?

The implied commentary on high school cliques is part stereotypical and part creepy. The girls hate the nerds that love them but make semi-orgasmic sounds whenever they get near a robot. You’d think this game was made by the sexually-experimental sector of Japan.

Like the others in this bundle, I have a hard time working on the game’ s puzzles for longer than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. The first act drags on and on with ten separate sequences of puzzles to solve. I checked online though, and this is the longest one of the game; I’m hoping to power through this by my next post on Wednesday.

What keeps slowing me down is my desire to perfect each level. Despite not enjoying myself, the sound effect that accompanies the announcement of your score is heartbreaking. It is this melodic note progression, but if you don’t receive a perfect score, you only hear a fraction of the score. It leaves you feeling incomplete until you go back and fix your mistakes.

Also your scores add up throughout the game though for what reason, I don’t know yet. You get a point for each star you get per level with a maximum of three, and each point’s representative symbol does into a “Bag of Happy”. It sounds like what the school’s drug dealer would call a grab bag from his mother’s medicine cabinet.

Everything about this game is weird. The school it is set in sounds like an acid trip. Before the shutting the game down, I did see an option to skip a level. I’m going to have to look into that.

Also, I bought Scibblenauts Unmasked on the weekend’s Steam sale, so hopefully I can play with Batman very, very soon. Stay tuned.

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