I Need a Hero: Part 1

I Need a Hero: Part 1

I was so stoked to finally get to start this game, and it is so easy to make shenanigans happen that this post is practically going to write itself.

The game starts with Maxwell and his sister arguing over who is better–Batman or Superman. To settle their argument, they decide to enter the DC universe but are immediately trapped there. They have to go around the different cities created in the DC comics and do good deeds to gain reputation and starites to get back home.

Sadly you get docked points for repeating words which means I can’t summon Cthulhu for everything. Of course it’s not always a good idea. The worst was when I summoned him to fight Sinestro for me, but Sinestro immediately killed him and used his ghost to attack me. My small child body could not handle the wrath of a tentacle monster spirit.

I get a huge kick out of adding adjectives to Maxwell to make my own superhero. Whenever I don’t want to bother backtracking, I give him the ability to fly so I can get everywhere more quickly. I did learn the hard way that using the word “invincible” is cheating. By this logic, Superman is a little unfair bastard.

The game doesn’t always follow the logic you would expect in a series with infinite possibilities. I don’t know why, but at the moment Maxwell has a clone running amuck who can also conjure items. To fight him you have to counter whatever he brings to life. He was riding around on a giant wasp, so I summoned a huge can of bug spray–it did nothing. After trying to be clever and it not working, I just resorted to my rotating roster of real weapons to win.

With a game falling solely on the player’s creativity, this installment sometimes has limited possibilities. Along with what I described above, another task was to take a traffic light to a museum. I tried to do more than just carry it but my efforts were futile. I tried to pull it with a dog sled and a tow truck, but the museum didn’t want to spawn for me until I just carried it there. This could be a weird bug, but I don’t know how it happened in the first place.

Also, a little piece of advice–black holes do not discriminate between good and evil. They will devour all.

Now that I have full access to the Batcave, get ready for me trying to steal all of his rich man gadgets to rule the world. Stay tuned.

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