Leggo my Legos: The Sequel

Leggo my Legos: The Sequel

Previously on: Steamcomplete beat Lord Business in a flurry of Lego studs and laser beams. Sadly the world was still full of stupid people that needed help.

Remember how I said how I like to 100 percent complete Lego games? Well, I dipped back in to play in the HUB worlds and find those unlockables. Like I said in an earlier post, none of the HUB worlds–Brickopolis, the Wild, Wild West, Cloud Cuckoo Land, and the Octan Tower–have any characters or gold bricks to actively unlock, leaving me with only the red bricks.

The red bricks unlock abilities that are basically built-in cheat codes. You can get stud multipliers that stack up to x3840, extra health and invincibility, and ways of speeding up tedious tasks (drilling, repairing, etc.). These are geared towards people like me who want to go beyond the story levels. It’s tough to collect enough studs to everything without an excessive amount of grinding, so the game helps you out as long as you are willing to earn the privilege.

I wish one of the tasks was to teach the citizens of Brickopolis the concept of priorities. While giant mechs and superheroes are tearing the city apart a few blocks away, all people want to do is treat you like a lost-and-found. The crazy cat lady lost all of her pets. You go around the city finding them in the most…unlikely of places. One was trapped in a Portajohn. Another got itself locked in a bakery. I wanted to find one trapped in a bag–I’ll let you figure out why.

These cats have to be super-powered, not only because they managed to get away from this manic cat herder, but because of their complete disregard for physics. If I found them on top of a skyscraper and immediately jumped to the ground–because I am the only Lego who apparently is made from one, unbreakable piece–the cat would follow suit. I know that they always land on their feet, but the saying must not mention their shattered kneecaps.

Another guy asks you to find his drill even after you do all of his work for him. It’s a trap, no meme intended. After drilling for him and then coming back after saving the world, I had forgotten that I had already helped him. I spent forever hunting for his elusive power tool before realizing my mistake.

Now back to saving the world with the power of words. Basically one of the only appropriate job paths for a Creative Writing major like me. Stay tuned.

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