I Need a Hero: The Finale

I Need a Hero: The Finale

Note: I’m in the middle of switching Internet providers, and they never showed up yesterday to activate my new connection. So sorry for the delay. I’m writing on my lunch break. Assuming TWC actually shows up today, tomorrow should go on as planned.

Now to make up for the delay, two Top Threes–one that’s helpful and one just for lawlz.

Top 3 (Probably) Game-Intended Hacks:

3. You can create health potions and medicine with your notepad.

2. Abuse adjectives. While you get zero reputation points for words like “invincible” and “poisoned,” you can consistently rename Maxwell “fast flying regenerating super-strong Maxwell.” Also add the word “flaming” and all of its synonyms to your enemies.

1. Keep conjuring vehicles because they act like armor. When enemies attack, they only hurt your monster truck, not you.


Top 3 Melodramatic Solutions:

3. Use a fighter jet in a full-frontal attack against a group of ninjas.

2. Then use the same jet to kill an angry cricket., making sure it only ever picks on someone its own size.

1. Give Wonder Woman a submarine to use as a weapon to beat up Cheetah. I thought she would ride around in it, but instead she picked it up and used it like a baseball bat.

After this Scribblenauts, I don’t think I can play another in the series without superheroes. They make the fighting mechanics so much easier. For example in the final battle, the mysterious archvillain clones himself multiple times. With Maxwell’s hand-to-hand combat pretty useless even with a sword, and using any kind of gun or flamethrower only enough for one or two enemies, it’s hard to manage a win. But all you have to do is conjure the members of the Justice League and then hover above them and supervise, avoiding any stray laser beams.

After finally finishing this game, I can say that this installment’s attempt to make it more of a traditional game is the only thing that made it weaker. The implementation of common tasks like escort missions and fetch quests don’t fit with the mechanics. Maxwell’s notebook gives you the power to help everyone without having to hold their hand, literally and figuratively. You can provide citizens with a vehicle that will get them there faster than if you stayed to help them. You can make exactly what the person is looking for instead of going to grab it for them.

The most absurd was when I ran across a guy upset about not having a donut. I made him one and gave it to him only for him to keep complaining about a donut shortage. A few minutes later I came across a bakery who wanted me to deliver donuts to three engineers and finally understood. But the donuts weren’t even special! They looked exactly identical to the ones I had made before. It just doesn’t fit with the game’s logic.

Now I’m sorry this game’s last installment is late and shorter, but I have to go make money. Stay tuned to find out what I decide to play next.

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