Did I Do That? Part 2

Did I Do That? Part 2

Or better known as the prequel to Orcs Must DieOrcs Can’t Die.

So far I’m convinced that everyone I come into contact with is going to die. Anytime one of my party members hasn’t been able to gain experience, they end up dying in the plot. On my way to the Tower of Ishal, a mage and a tower guard joined me without even bothering to tell me their names (stranger danger) and help me fight to the top of the tower. But no matter what they do, they gain zero experience for what they do so their tragic deaths must be coming immediately after hearing their backstory–seriously, they’re complete strangers.

Also this is the confession of a RPG hoarder. Back in my Skyrim days, I bought a house entirely for my dragon bones and took every flower and animal skin that was within five hundred yards of me. Here I can’t seem to manage my inventory. My journey to the top of the Tower of Ishal is what I consider the first real story mission, not one made up of exposition, character motivation, and tutorials. This means there are loads more items to loot from chests and dead guards. Sadly I can’t use them as quickly as I can steal them. You wouldn’t think you would be full this soon but surprise!

Typically when I know it is a weapon I won’t use–which in many other games is clear right away–I sell it or break it down for its parts. Here though I keep holding onto everything because I don’t know what strategies I will really want to use. For example, right now I am really glad I didn’t sell off my extra short bows because after failing against the orc at the top of the tower multiple times, I looked up a strategy that suggested all ranged weapons. It’s instances like this where I feel as if selling something lowers my chances of winning the game.

Well, that really is the mentality of a hoarder, now isn’t it?

Here I also want to make sure I have something that fits the strengths of all of my party members. It doesn’t even do me any good to look up the party lists online because I still don’t know whose missions I will complete and who I will enjoy playing with the most. And with my luck, each mission is going to be best played with certain people, meaning I can never stop carrying around this pack full of longswords and roots.

The system is odd though. Here you are allowed seventy kinds of items. This means having twenty health poultices is the same as having only one. This took me a while to figure out, opting out of picking up small crafting items I already had when, really, I could have picked all of them up and then some. I also destroyed a dagger when trying to make room, figuring I had two and didn’t need them both. Hopefully some guards at least stepped on the shattered pieces of metal. Wait, you mean matter can actually turn into thin air in this world? Wish I could use that for more than not littering when emptying my backpack.

This also means that while I was fighting the mission’s end boss–which I still haven’t managed to do–I was trying to make room in my inventory. Whenever I used up one kind of health poultice, instead of freaking out, I was happy that when the battle ended, I would have that inventory slot back. And I wonder why I keep losing.

Now by Wednesday, I should have at least beaten this stupid beast if not finally reached a second real party member. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.

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