Did I Do That? Part 9

Did I Do That? Part 9

This just in: healing keeps you alive.

As I said, I travelled to the Circle of Magi to invoke their treaty only to find the place in disarray. The templar had shut the place down because of blood magic and demons, assuming all of the mages were dead. Here you offer to help, and Wynne–who must have come here after the tragedies in Ostagar–joins your party.

Her powers and presets are perfection. I went in to at least change a few things and didn’t even need to. She not only uses healing but can cast regeneration on party members to make it that much easier to regain health.

I know I sound like the person who discovers the latest and greatest thing two years after its initial start, but I was shocked at the difference not having to manually heal made in the difficulty. I was able to crank it back up to normal (because I live on the edge), and the fights were manageable again. I could send my warriors to front lines without them dying after only getting a couple of hits in.

I did get carried away though. Another suggestion I saw online was to give your party members the command to take potions after losing so much health. I did this for Alistair, and he turned into one greedy bastard. In one small fight, he blew through at least ten health poultices. I set the minimum for him to do this at twenty-five percent health, but he must constantly have low health because he was knocking them back like a dog who found Thanksgiving leftovers.

Now I’ll be honest–I’m keeping this short because I have a sinus infection and woke up from the post-work coma just long enough to write this.

Stay tuned.

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