I Walk A Lonely Road: Single (Player) Life

I Walk A Lonely Road: Single (Player) Life

Note: I’m doubling up on posts this weekend to make up for my incapacitation yesterday. I will make my self-made November post quota, I will, I will.

I can’t play multiplayer games. Call me overly-competitive, call me antisocial–I just don’t enjoy it.

I feel like it is something that is instilled in you as a kid. Most people who play games have memories of playing with a sibling, whether you were the older one who knew all of the secrets, or the younger one with the busted controller, playing as every game’s equivalent of Tails. Me? I either watched or played. The only times I played with people were for Mario Kart which usually ended with a fight over how somebody (my sister) cheated, and Pokemon Stadium which I was never too competitive over anyway; I just liked seeing the different Pokemon on the big screen.

When it comes to co-op games, I prefer to take turns playing instead of actually playing with two people. Back during the summer of Lego, my best friend and I would try playing together, but I would get so angry about her running ahead or taking my studs that it was more fun for the both of us to pass the controller back and forth instead.

Online multiplayer has never been for me either. The idea of listening to people I don’t know yell at each other is second only in frustration to me having to talk strategically and casually with complete strangers. MMOs have never appealed to me for the same reason. Having a guild or a clan sounds stressful. It’s hard enough for me when I feel responsible towards the characters in my game. If those animated figures became real people, I might never be able to overcome the anxiety and guilt of letting them down. If there as a good one that allowed me to play on my own and it still be a fulfilling experience, I would be all in. I do love questing and looting, but I would need to be able to accomplish everything on my own without it being next to impossible.

Then MOBAs are on a whole other level. For one I have yet to try to learn how to play any of them, and from what I hear, an active online game is not the place to figure it out. I’m not interested in playing a game where I feel bad that I don’t already know how to play before I start. Text tutorials have never been how I learn; I learn through play.

Video games are a solitary sport for me. The most fun I ever had playing with another person was when the same friend from the Lego days set up her PS3 in the same room as mine, and we simultaneously played our copies of the HD version of Kingdom Hearts. We took turns playing on the big flatscreen and the little portable 19″. Maybe it was the nostalgia from back when we beat the PS2 version together, me smashing away at the X button, her reading strategies off to me from GameFAQs. Either way, we spent our entire last winter break of college holed up in her parent’s living room until close to sunrise all through the end of December.

So for now, I stick to my lonely life of the single player and feel no shame.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “I Walk A Lonely Road: Single (Player) Life

  1. I like playing alone if only to avoid any errors on allies part. i can trust myself but damned if I can trust most others. It is a genuinely enjoyable experience though when you get reliable friends by your side.


      1. I can understand the not knowing what you are doing part, especially if the game manual doesn’t help or is practically non-existent. Some games really don’t let people get to grips with the controls and mechanics.


  2. I can’t stand online multiplayer games, either. The last time I can remember having fun with multiplayer was in HS when I played Halo’s capture the flag with 15 other people on 4 portable TVs ringed around a dining room table. The sheer ridiculousness of playing with that many people in that small of a space… giddy chaos.


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