Did I Do That? Part 10

Did I Do That? Part 10

This game has turned from a grand adventure to a test of willpower.

One issue with epic journeys is that sometimes you get burnt out before reaching the destination. You get so enthralled with sidequests that you fill up on gold and grade-A equipment before you get close to fighting the Big Bad. Definitely starting to be the possible verdict for Dragon Age.

I’ve put over thirty hours on the game and have still only gotten help from two of the factions who I am supposed to have talked to. I haven’t even started to win over the Dwarves or the Dalish Elves and with chaos brewing all over Ferelden, I can’t stop running into random bounty hunters and bandits looking to pick a fight. I look at my questlog and feel overwhelmed.

[Also Target has all of their games buy two get one free, and I may or may not have bought the store out, making me want to play new the Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew. Or maybe Pokemon Art Academy Go. It’s glorious.]

Mainly I need to cram all of the story quests into a couple of hazy days and take a break. I have been loving it, but it is starting to feel a little monotonous. No matter how much I would love to play with all of my characters, I have found a few favorites that make the gameplay balanced and that doesn’t make things fresh by any means. I do finally have Wynne, and she is a permanent fixture for me. Maybe I just should have gone with my first instinct and played as a mage; this way I wouldn’t be so tied down to Morrigan and Wynne filling two of my three party member slots. My main character would feel more like the Dragon Age equivalent of a HM slave, with poison-making, trap-making, and lock-picking; she does everything but make my potions–that’s Morrigan’s job.

Now keeping this short. I’m off to see what I can do about this game. Maybe my research now should be on keeping the joy alive.

Stay tuned.

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