Did I Do That? Part 11

Did I Do That? Part 11

I think all it took to renew my interest was to vent my frustrations and feelings of impatience with Dragon Age.

After writing yesterday, I jumped head-first into the politics of Orzammar, the underground Dwarven city. Here you can follow two quest paths depending on who you wish to support in the upcoming election of the new king. You have two options:

1. Harrowment–he was asked by the king on his deathbed to take the throne according to the Codex. Though technically the more honest politician, he is a proponent of continuing the dwarves’ caste system (details below).

2. Bhelen–he is your typical sneaky politician. His first task asks you to deliver two promissory notes to Harrowment’s most powerful supporters. Taking it to the right merchant in town though clues you in to the fact that the documents were forged. Despite his conniving methods, he is far more progressive in his platform, perfectly willing to do away with castes.

The castes here are about as restrictive as they come. You are born into a class and have no clear means of mobility. Marrying up (or down) is not even an option. Husband and wife retain their lineage and pass it on to their same-sex children–fathers to sons, mothers to daughters. This means that a brother and sister’s lives could easily go on two different trajectories-in polar opposite directions.

As someone who hates being told what to do without at least the illusion of choice, I obviously sided with Bhelen. I don’t like his tactics but love the extra experience from the Deep Roads and the possibility of a more united Ferelden. I already feel for the imaginary plight of the my character’s elf race, so I hate the idea of an entire race isolated underground without it being a unanimous decision of the people secluded there.

Luckily the game allows me to be a flip-flopper. When researching which candidate to back (every vote counts!), I saw that no matter the questline you follow, your final decision is the only one that determines who is put into power.

Now off to be schooled in backstabbing. I’m hoping literally as well if Zevran will cough up his secrets about how to be an assassin.

Stay tuned.

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