Did I Do That? Part 14

Did I Do That? Part 14

I hate politics, but I am a political mastermind.

Actually, I just really like gold. Right now I have the questlines to support both Harrowmont and Bhelen running concurrently. Even better, neither of them know that they are both asking me to do the exact same thing.

After their initial quests that did differ greatly—Harrowmont required the Proving Grounds, Bhelen required part of the Deep Roads—they start asking you to go to the same places. When I decided to back Bhelen, he wanted me to go clear out Jarvia who led the huge crime ring in Orzammar. You had to ask around the less-than-reputable part of the city, Dust Town, for information about where to find her base of operation. Nobody wanted to talk, saying she was everywhere, but I finally found Roggar who was willing to help. He told me about a small coin that unlocked the bandits’ headquarters. This triggered the appearance of a small, abandoned house where I can either intimidate or kill some of her thugs into giving me the Finger-Bone Token so that I have access. While at Jarvia’s homebase—Carta’s Hideout–I found an item called Incriminating Evidence.

Then I took Oghren with me to look for finding the city’s only living Paragon—a living ancestor that the dwarves revere–named Branka in the Ortan Thaig at Bhelen’s request and found proof that [hmmm?]. After lots of spider-stabbing and dying, I found proof that she had travelled further into the Deep Roads because why not drag this one quest out even longer? Luckily the way the map is set up, I was able to go back to the main area of Orzammar and follow up on some sidequests and sell items I didn’t need anymore, freeing up some valuable treasure hunting space in my inventory.

While taking my breather from the less-civilized world, I wandered into the Tapster’s Tavern and found Dulin. He was disappointed that I had decided to side with Bhelen instead. Luckily my Coercion skill was high enough to make him believe otherwise. From this point on, I have been able to do both quests. Both want me to focus on finding Branka. Neither of them even want me to do anything different when I find her. My journal even has the quest “Paragon of Her Kind” twice with the same description. I really hope I can keep convincing both of them of my allegiance though. It has definitely helped cut down on the number of fanatic supporters who try to kill me when walking down the street.

I’ll let you know if this wheeling and dealing keeps working for me. Stay tuned.

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