Confessions of a Target Avenger

Confessions of a Target Avenger

Prepare for a largely anecdotal blog post.

But first, business business business.

If you didn’t notice, I chose not to write this weekend. Besides celebrating a birthday, I got my first promotion at work, meaning a lot less free time than I was expecting. There is a lot of after-hours learning needed. This influx of overtime means that the weekends are when I have the most time to play. Being my own boss, I’m modifying my November plan. Where last year it might have killed me not to stick to the mission, now I know it’s not the end of the world. For personal reasons, I am proud of my ability not to get too anxious over this.

Now for the cutthroat events of this past weekend. I have been debating buying a PS Vita for a long time and decided to go ahead and do it before I start all of my holiday traveling. I got to Target, and there was only one, the same one that had been there all week. The electronics associate had stepped out so the manager paged him for me. I was hovering in the Sony aisle when another couple of people showed up and beat me to the employee by .57 seconds, asking for the same thing. I was huffing and puffing and ready to blow the whole store down.

While waiting at the counter to see if any of the other Targets had one–a silly formality since I was just going to go five minutes away to Wal-mart–the manager who I talked to first said that I was the one who called for it. The poor associate looked like a dog choosing between its heartworm pill and a bath. Lucky for me I got to take it home to ponder what games to buy for five hours. Of course I went from livid to guilty in those few minutes at the store. At least I can console myself with its big, beautiful screen.

Stay tuned.

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