Did I Do That? The FINALLY Finale

Did I Do That? The FINALLY Finale

So maybe you noticed my hiatus the last few days. Or maybe you didn’t and this post is a welcome surprise. Who knows? But I, the prodigal blogger who breaks promises, is back with exciting news. Welcome to the last entry on Dragon Age: Origins!

It took a lot of time that I would have rather spent napping after work and willpower to not sit and play all of the adventure games and recent handheld installments that have entered my life recently. Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew are staring at me as I write this while my 3DS and Vita are charging on my desk.

The last two quests of the game felt like a reward for any repetition I had suffered before. I came across an investigation mission in the Alienage in Denerim where my character is from. I had to look for clues into strange happenings in my hometown–the only bummer being most of the clues were sick and feral dogs.

The Landsmeet turned out to be an honest-to-goodness debate, not just a cutscene. I actually lost the first time I played through it because I had not garnered enough support. Depending on my choices during the main quests and which side quests I played through determined my number of supporters. The deciding vote is given by Anora, Loghain’s daughter, who ended up double-crossing me. I didn’t trust her enough to willingly give her the throne, so she came out in favor of Daddy dearest; her opinion swayed the crowd. Turns out I needed to finish doing the bidding of the Crows, Ferelden’s resident clan of assassins. This let me have the one more vote I needed to win without Anora’s support. Dastardly deeds win all fantastic political dilemmas.

After this was one of my last chances to finish up what I needed to do in the world. This is where I clammed up. I was suddenly faced with the weight of all of the meaningless tasks left in my journal, afraid I would never collect all of the garnets the sketchy bartender needed before I went off to decide the fate of the entire region. I think I backed up my final pre-finale save three different times making sure I could go back when I felt the urge.

Let me say I have never been more glad for how the game even distributes experience. For the first and only time, all of your party members have to play. After the initial fight, you choose who you want to go fight the archdemon directly and who stays behind. Surprise, surprise though. After I took Alistair and both of my mages with healing powers with me through the castle, I had to fight a battle with my (wo)men left behind; am I glad that I stocked up on potions. Even more glad that I found more in the castle once I returned to the party I thought I’d be fighting with the entire time.

Really though, despite my best intentions, I played favorites more often than not throughout the game. Whenever possible, I brought Morrigan and Wynne with me, relying on magic for everything. Choosing a rogue definitely presented me with the challenge I hoped for. Though happy to consistently have an expert lock-picker in my party, I wasn’t good for much else that another class couldn’t have taken care of and still had other useful skills. This left me less-than-knowledgeable when fighting with a warrior or anyone who wasn’t my main character or a mage. Sheer brute force won the fight for me, but it was not my proudest battle.

Who would’ve thought my party camp was housing the next disillusioned killer? Sandal, the resident enchanter and adopted son of the merchant, was standing in a room at Fort Drakon littered with darkspawn bodies; all he does is smile. I try to ask him what happened, but he just says, “Enchantment!” with the same goofy smile on his face like always. Why couldn’t I recruit him to my party? Massive backpack for an inventory, endless enchanted weapons, and a slaughtering machine.

In case the abrupt access to a store wasn’t clue enough, this was my last stop before my encounter with the archdemon. This battle was a challenge, but not the one I was expecting. I got into more trouble with random encounters on my way to the rooftops than I ever did with the final battle. After only two tries, I saved Ferelden and stabbed the archdemon with only the sacrifice of Alistair’s virginity. I’ll spare you the details.

Once all was said and done, I got to speak to all of my party members and greet my adoring fans. A bunch a text flew by tying up loose ends and making me feel guilty for every choice I made. Roll credits.

So thanks to everyone who stayed with me through this entire journey. Now off to new and exciting adventures! Stay tuned.

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