A Much Needed Update

A Much Needed Update

So I am back from my extended holiday vacation (which might be obvious from the fact I’m writing this post). Ironically it was my job that was so busy during the holidays, leaving me with twelve-hour workdays and little sleep in between them. Training was stressful, but actually starting the position has been all-consuming.

This is why with the new year comes a new writing schedule. With my last position, if I wanted to sneakily write on company time, I was only causing myself extra work. Now if I waste any time, it puts my entire team behind and can’t do that in good conscience. This added with the aforementioned long hours, I am cutting back to writing twice a week. Think of it as turning the schedule inside out for now I will be writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting tomorrow. But I am also venturing out and trying something new during this season of change: streaming.

Each weekend—the exact time is yet to be determined—I will be doing a livestream on Twitch.tv of whatever PC game I’ve been playing. The idea of playing live is a little scary for me, but I’m looking forward to this plan. If you want to be awesome and take a preemptive strike and follow me, my username is heycrumbles because who needs universal branding when they already have an account?

More details on this will come later this week as I prepare for my first stream with words coming out of my mouth instead of my hands. Woah.

Stay tuned.

P.S. For sake of love for the idea, I’m still continuing my re-release posts. Expect one tomorrow on the HD Collections of Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank.

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