So of course I still haven’t nailed down my new work schedule and how it should mesh with my new writing schedule, or as it is more accurately called, an excuse my intense procrastination.

But hey, I make the rules, right? Because cocky power abuse is the best way to gain a loyal following.

But now I write to say I will be absent for a great reason–MAGFest! I’ll be living it up in Maryland until Monday, gazing at Youtube stars from afar, listening to bands I may or may not have heard of, and letting my inner arts school child run free. If anyone is going to be there, hit me up! I’ll still be checking here regularly, so let me know!

Also I may be geared up for a Dragon Age LARP, so if you read through all of that nonsense, you deserve a little fun.

See you next week and stay tuned!

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