Panels, Panels Everywhere

Panels, Panels Everywhere

And so much knowledge to take in.

MAGFest was not only a sell-out hit but it gave me more to think about than ever expected. What I thought would be one long round-up is going to be so much more because of how much it gave me to think about, not to mention some new writing ideas.

Now what could there have possibly be to think about in a place meant for congregating with other gamers for fun, frivolity, and fandom galore? Well, down in MAGES room, away from Settlers of Catan, DDR, and animal hats were two conference rooms with topical discussions, Q&As, and lectures. After a couple of bloated panels lead by personalities who I love but filled with non-content, I was looking for something more satisfying. And what turned from my one stint for a diversity panel turned into my hiding out there the entire weekend., the only downside being fewer Streetpasses.

I made it to four panels down there in between my large, spontaneous purchases in the marketplace, and I’m going to break them down here.

That Diversity Panel
With: James Portnow, Arthur Chu, Lindsay D. Chase, Luke Peterschmidt, Elisa Melendez, and Sujan Shrestha

This was the first panel I went to and one I did not expect to be filled with positivity. With the varying opinions having cropped up in the last year, I was afraid of the conversation–at least from the audience–sounding like a live-action Twitter account. But here I heard breath-taking stories about cultural divides, found out about thought-provoking games, and got to hear (and ask!) questions to real people with faces instead of the dark void of the Internet. To hear so many voices from people who care like I do about being heard, not just being loud. To have a blog where I have felt specifying my gender would somehow skew my reader’s opinions or my audience entirely, this felt refreshing.

When the panel is posted online, I will link to it on here since I sadly have poor notes after getting sucked into the discussion, but I do have a link to a wonderful game I heard about not only hear but at another Q&A:

Black-White is a game where the only way to discern your allies from your enemies is their behavior. There is no predetermined enemy race, gender, or wardrobe, only your interactions with them. I haven’t had a chance to play it but plan to write about it when I do.

Now that’s it for panel coverage for the day, but stay tuned for more panels, indie game coverage, and pictures of my purchases!

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