Sunrise: First Thoughts on Dying Light

Sunrise: First Thoughts on Dying Light

Dying Light is somehow my first zombie and horror game and so far I have been both blown away and underwhelmed.

Now let me give this the disclaimer that I am only about ten hours into the game and that involves a lot of running around for no reason. I have the worst sense of direction and purpose in open-world games, so I track up pointless hours more easily a hamster on an automated wheel.

For once, I am going to start with the negative since it is entirely subjective. I wanted to be scared. I know that was asking a lot since most zombie games rely on gore and jump scares, but with the promoted day-and-night cycle, I was expecting true fear. Instead I spend all of my time staying out of the dangerous nightwalkers’ way and wandering through hoards of their timid counterparts.

You want to know how I got the most scared? I was looting a house in the middle of town at high noon and opened the back door. I stood there trying to decide where to go when a bald zombie woman wondered by in a housedress. Then for no reason, I proceeded to jump out of my chair and hear my heartbeat in my ears for a solid minute.

So honestly, outside of the occasional irrational jump scare, it has yet to really get to me.

Like I said, that is probably the most subjective criticism you can ever give a game though, so everyone will have a different experience.

There is so much more than I love so far. Outside of the daytime/nighttime cycle, the parkour system is what most know about. Much like Mirror’s Edge, the main way of getting around is first-person platforming. Unlike Mirror’s Edge, you can run anywhere. While it is still awkward–it is hard to have pinpoint accuracy when you can’t ever be sure where you’re going to land–you can essentially brute force your way anywhere while still having the challenge. While there are still limits to your abilities (all of which I hope to exceed with the agility tree–here’s hoping), you can often get wherever you want with enough attempts.

Have any of you played it yet? How do you feel about first-person zombie games? Or zombies? Really, I have a lot to talk about with this game so buckle up your running shoes and get ready.

Now to do some more frolicking around the zombie zoo before I keel over. Stay tuned.

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