Game Length: Better Than I Can Say It

Game Length: Better Than I Can Say It

With the recent hub-bub over The Order 1886, game length has been a common topic ruminations for all games’ thinkers. I wanted to make a post with my feelings which once again might fall on the wrong side of the debate.

Mainly inflated game length does not make for a satisfying game. I will take a five-hour campaign I can enjoy in one sitting over a needlessly drawn out one. This doesn’t mean I want it accompanied with the standard Triple-A $60 US price tag.

Below is one of the best arguments I have found for shorter games and what draws the line between a good one on both ends of the length spectrum.

If you enjoy his editorial style, feel free to check him out. He tackles an array of topics and games in the same fashion.

Now let him say it better than I can and stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Game Length: Better Than I Can Say It

  1. I can’t replay the Order, not at all. I think from all we saw there was a strong hint of a game that was very much a one and done endeavour, it feels so much like a movie that going back feels like I’m going back to watch a murder mystery knowing who the killer is.

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    1. That’s what I’ve heard from everyone. I don’t have a PS4, so I haven’t played it, but it sounds like there were so many missed opportunities to expand it or at least make the quality of what is there better.


      1. What probably bugs me the most is how Ready AT Dawn feel nothing about it, saying the “filmy look” and cinematic nature justifies much of where it goes wrong as a game…shame in movie terms it still has problems.


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