Typing–The Most Dangerous Game: Type:Rider Review

Typing–The Most Dangerous Game: Type:Rider Review

Type:Rider is a typographic platformer. Can’t picture what that looks like? Neither could I until I saw these:




With each world based on a font such as Helvetica or Clarendon, you go through levels as two little periods looking for their third counterpart to complete an ellipses. Throughout each one you collect every letter of the English alphabet and have a hidden ampersand to find; you also collect six asterisks which give you access to historical information related to typography, printing, and the font itself.

The simplicity and accessibility of this game–it starts off by explaining the most basic platforming controls and limiting the keys used to the space bar and arrow keys–makes it so a font geek can enjoy this as easily as a seasoned gamer. Though I can’t speak to the versions’ quality, Type:Rider is available on iOS, Android, and even Facebook, meaning technology is also less of a barrier.

Now the nature of the nameless character you control affects the physics. Instead of moving as one solid mass, these two invisibly connected punctuation marks only move together in theory. Though one key press causes both of them to jump, you have to safely land both on the next platform, or they will slip off into an infinite ditch. There is no wall grab and no pulling yourself up from a ledge. I mean, have you ever seen a period with hands?

The only extra mechanic is a wall jump you can execute by literally jumping on a wall, but I tended to have trouble executing it consistently. I would put that more into the “might have just been me” category. Also I beat the game with little use of it, so if you have trouble with it, it will do little to inhibit the experience.

Bonus: If you like deadly cats with laser eyes and acid trips, it has those too:

2015-03-26_00010 2015-03-26_00004


Stay tuned.

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