In Case You Were Wondering…

In Case You Were Wondering…

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been trying some new things lately. I love my blog (I even hit the one year mark!) but feel like I don’t get to share enough of my experiences with the games I play. I can tell you how infatuated I was with Gravity Ghost or how angry MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT made me, but for the sake of time, I can’t tell you everything.

In an attempt to reconcile these feelings, I’m doing something new: streaming. Now I’ve streamed a couple of times in the past, but never regularly, and certainly never well. I’m eight days into a year-long live-stream challenge. The rules are as simple as you’d think: stream every day for a year. And within that challenge, I’m doing two other things:

  1. Review streams. Just like my Transistor stream on Monday, I’m trying to use my stream time to review some of the games I play. There is a lot of back and forth in the review community about what the best way to cover games from a critical standpoint is, and my thoughts fall somewhere in the middle. I think that if the written word is deemed dead in any form of journalism, the sun will fall out of the sky. But I also understand that video games are a visual and interactive media that sometimes need to be experienced to believe. So depending on the game, I might review it here with a post or over on my Twitch channel with a live stream, both of which will have my normal ramblings.
  2. SIMS SIMS SIMS. So I have also decided to go on another impossible and self-indulgent adventure. I haven’t play Sims 3 much since starting this blog since there was no reviewing or writing playthroughs of the game. In an effort to exhaust everything I can think of before I start playing the Sims 4, I’m trying to get every single lifetime wish. Basically I’m taking a game that should foster rule-free play and turning it into a job. I’ll be streaming some of this, and maybe write up some of my experiences playing through the fun–and mind-boggling boring rabbit-hole careers–for you to enjoy (or also become bored by).

If anything, I hope something here sounds fun to you. To check out any of this, go follow me at and have fun!

Stay tuned.

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