Steam Complete: Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way

Steam Complete: Mistakes I’ve Made Along the Way

So one hundred posts and over a year later, I’m still here, playing and writing with some regularity. I’ve enjoyed having an outlet for consistent content and something to force me to keep writing even on the worst of days. With that said, I’ve made a few bad choices since starting this blog, ones that might have set myself on a different trajectory if I’d had some foresight and avoided them. So don’t learn from your mistakes, learn from mine, and listen up:

  1. Consistency. It’s the number one rule for any kind of web content. If your readers or viewers can’t depend on your content, you’ll lose your audience. Knowing this, I started off strong, keeping to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. I made plans and scheduled my play time around my need to post these three days. Even working overtime at my full-time job, I managed. But my chronic conditions and transfer to a position with more hours left me with my first lapse in content. With that, my view dropped off. After a while I got my groove back only to get so sick I left work, taking another break. THEN after another good period, I took a month off for family reasons with the passing of my nana. After this period, I’ve been going strong doing regular content despite no set schedule. My point in going through my life story over the last year? I have two, and they’re incredibly contradictory. First take care of yourself, and put your health–physical and mental–first. Also write no matter what because consistency breeds a following. I don’t know how to do both, and it has been a detriment. But hey, I’m still here! I picked a rough year of my life to start this blog, but I’m still writing, reviewing, and loving it.
  2. Quantity over quality. This is the way I started off. This started as a way to make me play through the hundred PC games I had. Instead of doing a Let’s Play channel, I was writing them. I talked about weird instances, funny moments, and any glitches I ran into. Regardless of substance, I was pumping them out–also like a Let’s Play channel, har har har. Looking back, I’m a lot more fond of the content I produce now. I might have fewer posts, but I love the reviews. I even did a review stream last month and got a kick out of it.
  3. Self-hosting too soon. About six months into having my blog, I decided to take a step forward, purchase a domain, and convert from to That basically means you have your own website, but you still have access to the WordPress format for free. I enjoyed the freedom and the professional feel of having my own site. I signed up for Google Adsense, found a layout, and transferred all the previous content. Unfortunately I didn’t do enough research to know what I was going to lose–community. I thought since I was still technically using WordPress, I would still have access to the WP Reader, the place where your posts show up for all of WordPress and your tags actually mean something. I kept my followers but stopped gaining new ones, stopped getting comments from people who just happened upon me through the Reader. My attempts to grow too big too soon cost me, my lack of patience shooting myself in the thigh. I think when my domain runs out in March, I going to acquire it through WordPress so that I can get back to the community it fosters.

Well, there you have it. I celebrate my one hundredth (and one) post by putting everything I did wrong out there. My words of wisdom? Don’t be the me who thought these were good ideas.

Stay tuned.

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